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No, it's not small talk. Ford has always cared about how you go. Come on in to FordHub. Discover what we mean when we say "Go Further". Learn about the future of transportation. Join the conversation (we're listening). And have some fun exploring.

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Transportation of the Future

Autonomous cars. Smart intersections. High-speed trains — these ideas and more will soon be reality. See how they can work together.

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Discover Chariot

Reinvent your NYC commute with the power of crowdsourcing. Download the app today.


Finger on the Pulse

Interact and explore Fun Ford and NYC facts through our interactive live data dashboard.


Build, Play, Share

Build your Ford LEGO figure and join us in the City of Tomorrow, where the streets are for living.

Meet Your FordGuide

Our FordGuide experts are onsite to assist with all things FordHub. From saving and sharing your souvenirs, to challenging you at a game of Regen Racing, they’re here to make your experience an enjoyable one.

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