Make the journey worth your while

Perks are here!

As a FordPassTM 1 member, the journey is more rewarding when you take advantage of everything FordPass has to offer. Earn Perks for activities as simple as completing your profile.

Instructions for redeeming your Perks will be sent to your email account, so download the FordPass app and be sure to check your inbox!


Unlock badges (and bragging rights)

Take advantage of features like Park and My Vehicles to unlock badges. It's our way of celebrating you for moving smarter with FordPass. Keep using FordPass to achieve them all!

How to get the most from your
FordPass experience


Get the app

Download and register the FordPass app.


Get going

You can use the app to do things like reserve and pay for parking in cities where FordPass Park is available.


Get Perks

Check your email for FordPass Perks.