How do I add my VIN?

Adding a Vehicle to My Vehicles

  1. Select the My Vehicles applet on the FordPassTM dashboard.

  2. Select the Add Vehicle  button.
  3. Locate your VIN. Use the Where can I find my VIN? link in the FordPassTM app for assistance in finding your VIN.
  4. The Camera button will be activated on­screen.

    Android iOS

  5. Place the red line over the barcode on your door label to scan your VIN.  The app will automatically capture the VIN.

    Android iOS

  6. You can also enter your VIN manually in the VIN field.

    Android iOS

  7. A confirmation message will appear and the vehicle will have been added to your My Vehicles list.
  8. If the VIN was not captured or entered correctly, try re­scanning or manually entering your VIN using the steps above.