How do I authorize my vehicle?

To activate Vehicle Controls in FordPass™:

  • Your vehicle must have SYNC Connect® (embedded modem).
  • Your vehicle must be added to "My Vehicles" (SYNC Connect® vehicle profiles will have a remote icon ).

Activate Vehicle Controls

  1. Select the My Vehicles applet from the FordPass™ dashboard.

  2. Choose a SYNC Connect® vehicle. (SYNC Connect® vehicle profiles will have a remote icon ).

    Android iOS

  3. Select Activate Vehicle.

    Android iOS

  4. Tap the Activate icon.

  5. A screen advising you to go to your vehicle will appear.

  6. Start the vehicle you are activating. (NOTE: Ensure your vehicle is in park and in an open space.)
  7. Press Allow on the prompt that appears on the SYNC® 3 touch screen in your vehicle. It may take up to 10 minutes for the prompt to show.
  8. Open the Vehicle Controls applet. The remote features will now be active in your FordPass™ App.
    Android iOS

  9. Tap the Guides icon from the Vehicle Controls applet for additional assistance.