Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”)

Version: 1.0

Last Update: March 20, 2018

These Policy apply to your access to and use of the website (the “Site”) and FordPass mobile application (the “App”) (the App and Site are collectively referred to as “FordPass”)which are owned by Ford Motor Company, One American Road, Dearborn, Michigan 48126 United States of America (hereinafter referred to as “Ford”, “we”, “us”). This Policy do not alter in any way the terms of any other agreement you may have with us and exclusively refer to the use of the features available in FordPass. If you want to keep a copy of this Policy, visit this link and save or print it. Access and use of FordPass according to this Policy is limited to Brazilian territory.

Privacy Policy of FordPass will help you to understand which personal information we collect, why we collect it and what we do with it, in addition to measures adopted to protect these data, in order to better serve you.

FordPass can be integrated to other services or functions which are subject to different privacy policies, including third-parties, as described in relation to these services or specific functions. Review these privacy policies to understand how they collect and use your data. We are not responsible for privacy policies of third-parties or by the content, information, liability and safety contained in these policies.

When creating an account in FordPass the user expressly authorizes the collection, storage, use and supply to third-parties, by us, of their personal data and their vehicle, informed at the moment they create the account, as well as further information collected, in compliance with this Policy and Terms of Use of FordPass.

At the moment you create your account, you will need to create a password, which will be required to your next access to FordPass. You are aware that this password is personal and not transferable and you are responsible for keeping it confidential and for eventual damages from its use by third-parties, including related to access and use of data.

Information we Collect: We collect the following types of information by your use of FordPass or Services of Third-Parties which are integrated to FordPass, which we can also combine with other information previously provided, or which we have obtained from other source authorized by you:

  • Information you provide to create an account or to connect to an existent account, such as name, e-mail, address, telephone number, and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). You should have an account to use FordPass and are responsible for authenticity of the information provided.
  • Information we collect by FordPass include:
    • Information of location is collected from your mobile device and/or vehicle in relation to functions based on location system of FordPass. This information includes data of Global Positioning System (GPS) and location derived from address and IP. This information can be used to determine current location of your device or vehicle, travel direction and speed. If you have activated the location services in your device, these data can be collected when the application is running in the foreground or background. We can also identify (or define) your approximate location by other device data, such as access points of WiFi, communication tower and you IP address, whether location services are on or off, by a permission system used by the operational system of your mobile device.
    • Computer or Mobile Device information, such as version of software or operation system, unique device identifiers, IP address, mobile network information and cell phone number.
    • Vehicle Information, such as VIN, hardware model and part number, diagnosis of the vehicle, and other information about how the vehicle is operating.

Whenever FordPass is accessed, we will collect and store your access data, for a minimum period of 6 (six) months, in compliance with the legislation in force. Such data will be stored confidentially, in a controlled and safety environment and will be provided only in case of court order. Even if you exclude your account in FordPass, such data will remain stored for a minimum period required by law.

  • We also collect information about how you use FordPass or Services of Dealers or other Third-Parties which are integrated to FordPass, such as when and how long you use the functions, and when you contact us, the registration of your communication.
  • FordPass can also use traceability technologies that collect information about how FordPass is used and how it is operating, including if it fails, and which can be able to be connected by devices and over time.  This can include cookies (small files that are stored in your computer or device), pixels or web beacons (small code parts placed in websites and content which communicate when the website or content has been seen) enrollment data (registries created and website or location which forwarded it to FordPass), or analysis tools of third-parties (such as Adobe Analytics and Dynatrace). Some of these technologies can be limited or deactivated by your browser or device settings, but some cannot. FordPass does not answer requests of “Do-Not-Track”.

How we use Information We Collect: We use your personal information - information which reasonably identify you - and further data collected to provide you features and excellent services, to allow you to control certain vehicle functions, meet the requests you made in FordPass, personalize your experience and identify eventual problems. We also use to develop new and improved products, services and strategies and marketing researches, to protect your safety, property, privacy or meet legal requirements or requirements of authorities.

If you supply an e-mail address to the feature ‘forward to a friend’, we will use the e-mail exclusively to the purpose of forwarding to your intended recipient. You can choose to not provide certain personal information (such as not inserting a VIN to connect to your vehicle), but this can limit or avoid the use of certain features available. WE CAN send you messages/ publicity about products, services, offers, promotions, news and others which are customized based on your personal information by Ford Pass and e-mail. If you are not interested in receiving such messages by e-mail, you should inform us, by clicking in the indicated option in the own message, in order to end this service.

We cannot use and/or provide to third-parties non-personal information, which are not related to your privacy to any purpose, including, but not limited to, performance information of the vehicle or device, used functions and mode of use, content published by users, among others, without any violation to privacy and intimacy rights and for which you give us consent in this act.

How We Provide Information to Third-Parties: We do not provide personal information obtained from FordPass to anybody, for independent us, without your authorization, except for Authorized dealers, service providers, and our subsidiaries (group of companies related by control or common ownership) and a described below.

  • We provide your personal information to trustful service providers, according to contracts that limit how they can use your personal information and require suitable protections, a provision you expressly authorizes us in this act.
  • We can provide personal information to external companies under contract with us to enable the delivery of services and when they are subject to company and safety obligations
  • We can provide your personal information without noticing you under extremely restricted situations, such as, for example, to meet a legal requirement or mandatory governmental request; to protect and defend our rights or property or of our subsidiaries; to act under circumstances required to protect personal safety of Ford or personnel of the subsidiary, users of our vehicles, websites or applications, or the public; and to detect, prevent or otherwise to address fraud, security, safety or privacy problems.
  • In order to provide you updated and customized results of search for location by your system SYNC 3, or other, if compatible, inside the vehicle you have connected to FordPass, if compatible, we use location services based on cloud provided by Telenav, Inc. (“Telenav”). To provide these services, Telenav obtains certain information, including: a user ID exclusively designed by Ford, your current GPS location and planned route and/or information of your destination of your SYNC system, if compatible, inside the vehicle, your address or requests of search for interest point and selections of search results, information about your use of location search service, your performance and actions and related selections. Telenav can use these information to provide, enhance and improve these products and services and can store this information for up to 2 (two) years. When using location search services, you agree we can release this information to Telenav so that it can be used for these purposes.

Privacy of Children and Adolescents: FordPass does not consciously intend to collect personal information of people under the age of 18 years old. The use of FordPass by people under the age of 18 years old is forbidden, as provided in Terms of Use of the Application, and eventual use by these people will be exclusively under supervision and responsibility of the user who created the account, including regarding Privacy Policy, also applicable to them.

How to contact us, Access or Control the Use of Your Information: For more information or to request a correction or removal of personal information, you can contact us finding your local contact information visiting this website, or contacting us in USA by:

800-392-3673 (USA)
800-232-5952 (TDD to hearing impaired)
800-565-3673 (Canada)
Available 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m EST
Monday – Friday

Correspondence address
Ford Motor Company
Customer Relationship Center
P.O. Box 6248
Dearborn, MI 48126

And in Brazil:

0800 703 3673
0800 703 FORD
Mon - Fri (7am - 9pm)
Sat (8am - 2pm)

Correspondence address
Ford Motor Company
Avenida Taboão, 899 - Prédio 6
São Bernardo do Campo - São Paulo
CEP 09655-900
Caixa Postal Interna: 9308

Safety and Retention of Your Information: We use physical and electronic systems, policies, procedures and technology to provide reasonable safety to protect and to keep safety and precision of your information, in conformity with the legislation in force. We only retain your personal information while it is reasonably necessary to comply with the purpose of legitimate business, according to consent given by you and in attention to legislation applicable on the matter.

If the user decides to stop using FordPass canceling his/her account in App, we recommend to exclude his/her account and all data linked to it, all personal information and customer’s vehicle information will be eliminated, except for access data to the application, which will be kept for a minimum of 6 (six) months, under secrecy, in a controlled and safety environment, as determined by Law No. 12.965/2014 and Decree 8.771/2016.

Effective Date and Reviews of Privacy Policy: This Privacy Policy can be reviewed and updated in order to reflect any changes to FordPass or our privacy practices. You will be notified of such changes by publication of the changed Privacy Policy in this page, as well as by publication of alerts of changes when opening FordPass. Continued use of FordPass after a notification of changes to our Privacy Policy indicates you agree with these changes. If you do not agree with the changes made and the new terms of our Privacy Policy, you can immediately interrupt the use of the App, deleting it from your mobile device.

The date of the last review of this policy is indicated in its start.